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About Us


HerbsHi is a Bangalore based FMCG brand established in 2020. We offer an exclusive range of Culinary Herbs, Gourmet Seasonings and unique Herbal Teas Infusions. 

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HerbsHi brings you a wide range of Culinary Herbs and Gourmet Seasonings with delectable flavors to suite every palate and need.


Our Herbs and Seasoning products are of premium quality and aim at bringing the gourmet dining experience to every home by adding the right flavor and zing to all your dishes, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary.  Use them in veg and non veg dishes.  For rubs, marinades, sauces and dips or simply sprinkle them on your favorite snacks, starters, salads, soups and main course for a burst of robust aromas and mouth-watering flavors. The uses are endless, just get innovative.


Use our products to taste and experience the delightful difference they make to even the simplest dishes at home by turning them into gourmet HerbsHi classics. 


Our unique Herbal Tea Blends are just what you need after that scrumptious meal, to soothe your mood & rejuvenate. Free of preservatives, caffeine, artificial color or flavoring these teas are sure to give you a Herbi-Hi. 

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