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Rosemary, a fragrant evergreen herb, native to the Mediterranean region has been used for culinary purposes for over thousands of years. Rosemary pairs well with meats like lamb, pork and chicken imparting it’s distinctive woody flavour. 

HerbsHi Rosemary is dried to preserve it’s  authentic flavour and aroma. It is preservative free.


₹115.00 Regular Price
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    • 100% Pure and Natural
    • Premium Quality Ingredients 
    • The woodsy, spicy and warm taste of rosemary makes it the star of several Asian, Italian and French dishes. This aromatic herb is often paired with rich meats and even vegetarian dishes, soups, spreads, rubs, marinades and can also be enjoyed as a herbal tea. 
    • It is preservative free and comes in a non breakable, user friendly shaker bottle
    • Product of India

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